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Autonomous drones – a cool future

Drones are nothing new, most of us have even flown one ourselves, but autonomous (self-governing, independent) drones are a little fresher.  You have seen them in movies, like the drones scanning the structures in Prometheus etc.  Some […]

White Russian
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The Dude’s White Russian

You obviously saw the epic movie The Big Lebowski, but have you tried The Dude’s favorite drink White Russian?  This is a pretty obscure drink made famous by this 1998 movie.  It’s origin is the […]

Guillaume Nery freediving
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Inside Freediving

Remember Luc Bessons excellent movie about freediving, The Big Blue, featuring Jean Reno, Jean-Marc Barr and Rosanna Arquette?  It was truly a remarkable movie about a very fascinating (and dangerous) sport. If you agree you […]