Call of Duty back to it’s roots?

Going back to WWII?


Is Call of Duty really going back to it’s roots as in World War II?  There are rumours that indicate this now…

Last years installment of Call of Duty clearly was no hit, jumping around in space didn’t please the players at all obviously.  Activision said in their annual financial report that Infinite Warfare didn’t live up to expectations and as a result, CoD would return to it’s roots.  Most of us know that Call of Duty has it’s roots in WWII and most veteran Call of Duty players has not felt love about the direction CoD has wandered in.

A fresh video leak indicates that CoD might end up on the Normandie beaches already this year.  Youtube channel TheFamilyVideoGamers has published a video showing a bunch of pictures from what is supposed to be this years Call of Duty launch.  The video (you can see it below) indicates that the next stop for CoD is WWII.

The title looks like it’s going to be “Call of Duty: WWII”, but this might of course change when getting closer to release.  E3, held in june, is probably where Activision will release this officially.  Sledgehammer Games is doing this years Call of Duty-release and apparently development started over two years ago.

There is also lot’s of activity on Reddit about this.

PS: I would personally love to see CoD move back to WWII.  That would lead to me buying CoD again for the first time in years.




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