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EA/Dice have released information about the upcoming DLC’s for Battlefield1, these DLC’s are also included in the BF1 Season Pass and will feature some of the bloodiest battles of WW1.

The first expansion, They Shall Not Pass – expected out this month, will mainly bring the French into the war.  But besides being able to play as a French soldier in Verdun, this DLC will also add a lot of new stuff like 4 new maps (Verdun, Fort de Vaux, Soissons and Rupture), the new gamemode Frontline, a new behemoth, new tank, new elite class, etc.  Read more about it here.

Next up is Name of the Tsar, where they focus on the russian front with it’s harsh winter war.  Here you will take part in the Brusilov offensive, one of the most brutal battles of World War 1.

Turning tides
Turning tides

Number three is Turning Tides.  In this DLC the focus is on naval warfare.  On board a battleship players take part in tactical naval battles.  Turning Tides include the British raid of the port in Zeebrügge as well as the horrible battle of Gallipoli.

Details on the fourth and last (?) expansion is a little bit in a haze.  It’s called Apocalypse anyway.  Time will tell what this DLC brings…

In total this means some 16 new maps, 20 new weapons, new game modes, new elites and so on.

And by the way – if you don’t have Battlefield 1 yet you can try it for free this upcoming weekend of March 3-5.  If you’re on PC or Xbox One anyway.  Xbox people can play as much as they want during the weekend and PC people can enjoy a total of 10 hours free gaming time.  Check it out on origin.com and the Xbox equivalent.  See you on the battlefield.

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