Battlefield 1 Original Soundtrack

BF1 Soundtrack
BF1 Soundtrack

Did you know that the fabulous  BF1 soundtrack is available on streaming services and on vinyl?  It’s a great album, actually it’s better than the game 😉

The Battlefield 1 soundtrack was composed by Johan Söderqvist and Patrik Andrén in partnership with DICE.

“We are truly happy about releasing a version of the soundtrack on vinyl,” say Söderqvist and Andrén. “It’s the coolest format by far and we hope it will become something of a collector’s item for the dedicated.”

The two composers started out with a strong vision to make a dark and emotional score; to convey the emotional hell and devastation of the war rather than making ”cool” music.

“The war was brutal and we wanted people to feel something and still keep the energy up. Of course we also wanted to pay tribute to the long Battlefield tradition where we use the classic theme in many variations and shapes.”


iTunes: Battlefield 1 Original Soundtrack

Apple Music: Battlefield 1 Original Soundtrack

Spotify: Battlefield 1 Original Soundtrack

Tidal: Battlefield 1 Original Soundtrack

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