One off Aston Martin Shooting Brake

Aston Martin Shooting Brake
Aston Martin Shooting Brake

I have always had a weird liking for all kinds of strange shooting brake models, some of them I think are really cool (like the BMW Z3 M Coupe) and some are really beautyful (like the Ferrari FF).  Here’s a one off based on the Rapide, made by  Aston Martin and Bertone to commemorate the 60th anniversary of their Jet collaboration.

This one off is around 70% of the original donor Rapide, including its 470bhp, 5.9-litre V12 engine.  The front seats were made smaller to accomodate a more spacious rear seat department.  Also a panoramic glass sunroof was fitted to let more light in.  The rear seats can of course be folded, allowing for a spectacular luggage space in such a car.

Best of all?  It’s up for sale by Classicmobilia for £1,800,000 so run to the bank a get your money.  Some more pics:



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