A WWII Spitfire coming back to life


The guys over at historicflight.org recently put together and flew a genuine Supermarine Spitfire from World War 2.  SL633 is the original RAF registration number of this remarkable plane which at the end of WWII was put into service by the Czech Fighter Wing—part of the renowned RAF Squadron 312.  A 1948 communist coup d’état ended the flow of supplies for Spitfires and dismantled the Czech Air Force. But our Spit’s work was far from done. While still an autonomous country, but likely knowing its days were numbered, Czechoslovakia had promised to supply Israel with military arms that would help the young country in its fight to exist.

So they shipped SL633 to Israel as parts in a box.  It was assembled and overhauled and was used in active service by the Israeli Air Force until 1954.

Following an unfortunate belly landing in 1954 this Spitfire went to Bedeck Aviation for more than 4,000 hours of repair and refurbishing, and was then transferred to the Burmese Air Force.  It’s history in Burma is unknown but later on they managed to identify the plane correctly, thereby making it possible to rebuild it (from parts in crates) and later on fly it.  Check out this amazing timelapse video of the process:

Source: www.warhistoryonline.com

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